Dolk (b. 1979) is the alias that serves a former Norwegian street-artist.
Destroying what was once considered beautiful and restoring the original by using the tool of destruction to create something new is the common thread in his work. (By shredding posters and nailing the paper shreds to the canvas Dolk creats a new painting. The light of the staples that Dolk uses and the color of the paper shreds evoke a new reality, while restoring traditional painterly expressions like light and gesture to the work. Dolk antagonizes art people, when he introduced his method of “key-ing”: scratching the beautiful surface of an steel or aluminum plate. The scratch makes you painfully aware of the blemish of what should be perfect. In his latest works he focusses on the tradition of colourfield painters and the severe abstract. The bold stroke by a paint roller across the surface adds a new dimension to the painterly vocabulary that we are accustomed to. Here the gesture of demolishing is an act of embellishing the painting at the same time.)